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Super Shammy - Chamois Towel Wholesale

Super Shammy - Chamois Towel Wholesale

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Super Shammy - Chamois Towel Wholesale

Our Super Shammy is designed for superior absorbency. Crafted from 100 percent non-woven viscose material, it combines the convenience of a towel with the quick-drying abilities of a natural chamois. Whether you're wiping up spills or soaking up liquids, our Shammy does it all effortlessly.

Here's why our synthetic Shammy stands out:

  • Just like a traditional leather chamois, it's lint-free, robust, and soft.
  • Say goodbye to scratches – it's gentle on any surface.
  • It's not just a one-time wonder – it's washable, reusable, and can be cut to your desired size.
  • With a durability that outshines chamois leather, our Shammy stays intact for years, resisting tears and unraveling.
  • Remarkably, it's impervious to tearing, even during heavy use – that's a guarantee!
  • Unlike animal skin-based chamois, our Shammy repels odors and mildew, ensuring long-lasting freshness.
  • After every use, it remains soft and requires minimal maintenance, unlike its natural counterpart.
  • 230 gram
  • 20 x 27 inch

Experience the difference with our Super Shammy – your go-to solution for absorbency, durability, and convenience. Try it now and discover a new level of cleaning efficiency!

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