About Us

Here at StreakFree, Inc we supply high quality product and service. The StreakFree™ wiping cloth was created here at StreakFree, Inc. in 2003. Since then we have sold Millions around the world with any satisfied customers such as  QVC, HSN and The Shopping Channel out of Canada.

Our  invention was so good that many imitations of the cloth started popping up around 2005, claiming to be the real deal. China being the largest knock off.


Streak-Free, Lint-Free, Stress-Free Cleaning - It's Possible!

Who knew cleaning and polishing could be so simple? 

This is not your usual cleaning rag. The original StreakFree™ cleaning cloths can polish as you clean without leaving streaks, spots, smudges, or lint, unlike ordinary polish rags.

StreakFree Inc. micro fiber cloths are made with high-quality materials imported from Europe and assembled in the USA. We are the original provider of the StreakFree™ microfiber cleaning cloths in the USA since 2003.

Water is all you need! Do away with window cleaners, soaps, detergents, and bleaches that leave a streaky residue on every surface. Simply wet the Streak free microfiber cloth with water, wring, and use it to wipe surfaces with dirt, dust, fingerprints, scum, and stains. Leave nothing behind - no streaks, spots, or lint - only a clean, clear, polished surface that shines like new.

The streak free cleaning cloths can remove bugs, tar, grease, fingerprints, brake dust, and other kinds of dirt, and can be used on:

  • Cars - windshield, windows, chrome, mirrors, rims
  • Acrylic
  • Vinyl
  • TVs and computer screens
  • Glasses
  • Countertops - tiles and stainless steel 
  • Microwaves and oven faces
  • Fiberglass aquariums

These reusable cleaning cloths are machine washable with bleach or detergent, air dry only, no fabric softener. Practical, economical, and ecological - that's amazing value that no disposable paper towel could ever stand up against.


 One white microfiber towel sheet measures 16 x16 inches which can be cut into smaller pieces if you wish.