About Us

Here at StreakFree, Inc we supply high quality product and service. The StreakFree wiping cloth was created here at StreakFree, Inc. in 2003. Since then we have sold Millions around the world. Many satisfied customers such as  QVC, HSN and The Shopping Channel out of Canada.

Our  invention was so good that many imitations of the cloth started popping up around 2005, claiming to be the real deal. China being the largest knock off.

Wet it, Wring it, and wipe any Surface! 


StreakFree, Inc “The Original” Microfiber Cloth. Where it all started in 2003.
Got Streaks? 
Get a StreakFree!
Streak Free NEXT Generation Original
Microfiber Streak Free Streakless Wiper
The Easiest and Best Cleaning
and Polishing Cloth Ever!
NEVER Streaks Glass, Mirrors, or Windows!
ELIMINATE Paper towels!
Streak Free is the ONLY Microfiber
cloth that Can Be BLEACHED!
glass, surface, and floor cleaners!
Removes- Bugs, Film, Oil, Tar, Grease, Fingerprints,
Brake dust, Soap Scum, Dirt, Dust, and much, much more!