These cloths are simply amazing; they clean just about everything, easily and quickly. I have yet to find a surface that resists their touch. Mirrors and glass sparkle, counters become spotless and chrome glows. I even polished some silver containers I used them on the bathroom counter that holds cotton balls, Q-tips, and paper cups. I used the cloth with a tiny bit of water and WOW! all the little water splash marks and dark colors were gone and the silver was beautifully shiny again. No more chemical odors and shredding paper towels, just these four cloths for all cleaning needs. I have bought sets for my daughters and friends and they are also fans of this wonderful product.


I own a small residential cleaning business and can’t believe it’s taken me almost 4 years to stumble across these. I have spent a fortune testing other products that claim to do the same thing. A client of mine gave me one of your cloths yesterday. I tested on many glass and mirrored surfaces and was amazed at the ease and efficiency. I have already ordered a package of 15 as this will be an indispensable tool for me.


I love the Streak Free Microfiber Cloth. I had purchased two several years ago and never used them. I started to clean my sliding glass doors with regular window cleaner and remembered the Streak Free Cloth in my closet. I used them with warm water took only two times to get regular cleaner off the glass. My sliding glass doors have never ever been this clean and clear. It is a breeze cleaning now, I use the cloth on everything now. I have told everyone I know about the Streak Free Cloth. I have started giving them as gifts now.

Thank you so much for introducing Streak Free Cloth to the world



Several years ago I came across your streak-free cloths and purchased a couple of packages. I couldn’t get over how incredible they are. I am finally down to the end of the line with them, and I have been wondering where I could find them again when miraculously I found one of the original packages. I was ecstatic. I plan to order a whole case this time! I won’t wash a window with anything else.

Thanks for such a FANTASTIC product.




A friend gave me a cloth today, and I laughed at her. I have 4 big dogs, 2 pellet stoves and a wood stove, and they are used all the time. All the stoves smoke periodically, and the dogs put dirty feet and noses on all windows and sliding doors. Holy Cow!
I am so impressed and my husband can’t believe it. The windows are spotless. It absolutely does what is advertised.

Try it, you won’t believe it.



Ever since a guy at a flee market got a moment of my time with his voice barking claims of a cloth that does it all, I waited for him to annoy me with his lies, HE WASN’T LYING! and since then I have never used anything else!!!!



Tina Steinberg
Hi ,

I’m the vendor to your left at the Boat Show. Bought 6 cloths. Used it on our stainless steel stovetop (which is always streaking) and it works great! Plan to keep the cloths in the kitchen, bathroom, car, and boat! Thanks for the offer to send me a free cloth which I’ll take you up on since I’ll probably end up giving some of mine away.

Thanks and good luck at the show.
Tina S


Elaine Guidry
A friend gave me a cloth, which I used to clean mirrors, windows, T.V.screens and computor screens, all the pictures on my walls plus all the pictures of my grandchildren (which there are several), tiles in my bathrooms and shower stalls. When I finished I had to call my friend and tell her how everything in my house was blinding because everyting had such a sparkle to it.If you use it just on the T.V’S & computor screens it is worth the money.

Thanks for the miracle cloth!!!



Teri Newmark
This cloth is the greatest!!! I especially like to use it on my windshield. No more glare or streaks the next day when the sun hits the windshield, just right! We just built a house that has over 40 windows, so believe me, I NEED these clothes!!!

Thanks for a great product!!!


MaryJo Roue
I bought one at the South Carolina Home show a few months ago. I thought I’d try it and see how it worked. Let me just say ..that this product is amazing! I used it and re-used it. I’ve polished my motorcycle, my eye-glasses, my windshield, my headlights, my coutertops…washed it…and did my windows again. Today…I visited the home show again..and bought 6 this time.

If you buy 1 to try..you’ll end up buying 10 more.

It’s that good!


Sherry Beck
I work at the Quality Inn in Columbia, S.C. A guest of ours gave me a sample to try of the Streak Free. I was impressed at how great it worked. I will get some for the employees and myself to use at home. We all have been laughing at each other because none of us could clean the mirrors or windows without streaks.

Thank you for this cloth and thanks to Renee’ for the sample.


Nancy – Bradenton Florida,
I am probably one of the most skeptical, suspicious people when it comes to product claims but purchased three Streak Free clothes yesterday. OHMYGOSH….this is absolutely the best product I have ever tried. I went home and proceeded to wash (inside & out) every glass door, window and table in my home because once I got started I couldn’t stop…just kept muttering, “ohmygosh, this is fabulous” and moved on to the next area. I will have to get these for my friends and family.

Great job!

You have a huge advocate in Florida.