StreakFree Enhancer Polish & Protectant
StreakFree Enhancer Polish & Protectant
StreakFree Enhancer Polish & Protectant

StreakFree Enhancer Polish & Protectant

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1 - 4 oz Bottle - $19.95

40 - 4 oz bottles - $560.00

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 StreakFree Enhancer is a multi-surface polish & protectant and is ideal for your home and auto detailing.



For your home use the StreakFree Enhancer on glass, windows, mirrors, lenses, and displays, eyewear, cameras,

instrument panels, televisions, computer screens and much more.


    • Wipe down everything in your Home. Including HDTV & Flat Screens

    • Unbelievable on Glass & Mirrors. 



For your car, the StreakFree Enhancer is a detailer and wax, in one product. It can be used as a waterless wash by spraying it directly on the dirty surface and then wiping it off, or it can be used as a wax as you dry product, where you spray the StreakFree Enhancer on the wet surface as you dry, after washing.   Can be layered over and over to increase the depth of shine and gloss!

Works on Paint, Glass, Fiberglass/Gelcoat, Chrome, motorcycle windshields, etc.   In the end, all you have is a Crystal Clear Shine!

It's non-toxic & environmentally friendly formula is manufactured in the USA. Unlike other cleaners, it is anti-static & alcohol, and ammonia free, and has no silicone.


    • The StreakFree Enhancer Wax stands alone when it comes to a spray wax on the market. StreakFree Enhancer delivers an even coat of polish & protectant on your surface guaranteeing greater protection. The ultra long-lasting bond preserves an all-season shine and keeps your car and valuables in mint condition. Experience this innovative, high-performance product, and you’ll never go back to your regular wax again.

    • The StreakFree Enhancer Wax Makes plexiglass look like glass, makes glass look like crystal, makes crystal look like a diamond. And keeps new looking new. The StreakFree Enhancer Wax contains no alcohol, ammonia, citrus acids, or other harsh products that will harm your paint and other surfaces. The StreakFree Enhancer is a great Waterless Car Wash on autos, RV, motorcycles, boats, airplanes, leather, seats, wood, glass, crystal, granite, all non-porous surfaces including chrome, fiber Glass, clear coats, stainless steel, mirrors, great motorcycle windshield cleaner & polish etc. In the end, all you have is a crystal clear shine.

 One 4 oz  Concentrate Enhancer "Makes 1 Gallon" - refill your 8oz bottle 16 times!

1 - 4 oz bottle - $19.95

40  - 4 oz bottles  - $560.00

For wholesale pricing please call.