Statement Regarding Counterfeit StreakFree Cloths

It has come to our attention that counterfeit StreakFree products are being falsely claimed to be manufactured by StreakFree, Inc., or just claiming to be the StreakFree cloth. These counterfeit items are being distributed through various channels globally. We want to emphasize that StreakFree, Inc. cannot ensure the safety or quality of these counterfeit products, as they have not undergone our rigorous inspection and quality assurance processes.

We have observed a particular product line listed on platforms like Amazon that offers cloths imported from China. This stands in contrast to our original European-sourced cloths, which have been a staple in the market for over two decades. It's important to clarify that this Chinese-sourced line has no association with the authentic StreakFree product. We strongly advise against making purchases from this line, as it is not authorized and could potentially be counterfeit.

It's worth highlighting that this specific Amazon listing promotes a thinner cloth with a 100gsm thickness, distinctly different from our established 130gsm thickness. Caution is advised, especially concerning the "ASIN B00XLMSPY2" listing. We recommend refraining from purchasing from this listing, as there are indications that it may involve counterfeit or fake products. We have already engaged with Amazon on this matter and are awaiting their response.

It is essential to note that StreakFree, Inc. holds no liability for any issues arising from the use of counterfeit products acquired from unauthorized distribution channels. To avoid inadvertently purchasing counterfeit products, we urge you to make your StreakFree purchases directly from us, StreakFree Inc.

If you have any concerns about the authenticity of the product or potential counterfeits, we encourage you to contact us directly. Your safety and satisfaction remain our top priority.


StreakFree, Inc.